Thursday, January 29, 2009


Preseason is grueling. This is my tenth time to experience this trying period, athletically speaking, and they don't get any easier. The simplest workout seems just a little more difficult, making you easily susceptible to frustration. Your entire body hurts just a little bit more. Twinges of soreness are felt on every flight of stairs, with every bag of groceries carried, with every morning stretch and are not-so-subtle reminders that you are pushing your body to its limits. The motivation to continually submit yourself to this pain becomes tested very early and doesn't subside quickly or easily. Fortunately, this test comes when motivation is at its highest given this is just the beginning of the season. This coupled with focus on the bigger picture; that it only gets easier and more rewarding from here, is all I need to push through this temporary, although most difficult, phase.

There is a direct correlation between the passing of a new year and how crowded most gyms are. With January comes New Year's resolutions to get in shape, to lose weight, to improve one's health, and as forth comes a rush to the gym. Here it is, only four weeks into the new year, and already the gym is starting to thin out. This humors me for some odd reason. I truly am happy for those that want to better themselves and actually look to follow through on this good intention. I wish all those capable could experience the benefits of being fit and healthy. I'm saddened that some don't follow through and give up. To be honest though, I don't mind that the gym isn't as crowded for my own selfish reasons. However, it still baffles me that some will take the hardest step of starting a self improvement, only to fall short of his or her aspiration by quitting. Unyielding determination has rarely been in short supply in my life and I modestly wish this characteristic for others in their respective pursuits.

This struggle is paralleled in other aspects of my life. Living under mom & pop's roof brought minimal responsibility; personally, professionally, and financially. College was a preface of "real life" with a little added responsibility, but the true test came when I embarked upon adulthood with a career, continued education, a home, multiple vehicles, my wonderful pup, and as many relationships of various levels that I can make time for. Starting out in this preseason of adulthood can be grueling as well. New financial sacrifices become necessary, time becomes a scarce and valuable commodity, and personal responsibilities are innumerable. However, I have and will continue to persevere. I refuse to quit and will push through until I can duplicate the same success and reward that my parents made available for me. Preseason is concluding. It's game time and I'm ready.

Nine short weeks until IM Cali...

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